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What we build for you

From beginning to end, from design to completion, we do it all.  We have the best equipment, the best engineers, and the best warranty in the business.

O2Rooms is based in Summit County, and is a one-stop shop, and the beginning of your journey of healthiness.

We increase the oxygen level in your room

Whole house evaluation

  • Our team of Engineers will evaluate your home for viability, all at no charge.
  • We will suggest a position for the generating equipment and a path for the oxygen lines.
  • If needed we will design an air conditioning  and heating system for your room it will be sealed from the rest of your house.
  • We will calculate barometric pressure and mechanical requirements for your oxygenated room.
  • You will receive engineering drawings and complete cost estimates.  No surprises.

Seal the room

  • Seal lights, sockets, and switches.
  • Seal doors and windows.
  • Rebuild door hardware.
  • Install thresholds.
  • Seal corners and crown molding.

Heating and air conditioning

  • We are heating and air-conditioning specialist.  We can adapt your home and work with existing systems for your pressurized room
  • We normally install an additional energy-efficient heat pump to provide ice-cold air in the summer and warmth in the winter
  • You will breath the cleanest air on the planet.  Air is charcoal filter, HEPA filtered, and finally purified with our X-13 desiccant
  • You will have the best medical grade compressors on the planet.  All Made in the USA.
  • Our specialized process leaves walls intact when we install your equipment.  You’ll never know we were there.

Compressor noise.

Contrary to what other companies tell you, oxygen generators make noise.  And many generators, make a lot of noise.  We have solved that problem for you by creating a sound proof room for our generators that kill all the sound.  No other company does that.

10 year warranty

Our sensors are the best on the planet.  Normal oxygen sensors last a maximum of two years, but our platinum sensors are so well regarded (and so good), we will calibrate, repair or replace the sensor for a period of 10 years.  No other company will do that for you.

WE Have You Covered


From beginning to end we are there for you.  We do all aspects on home oxygenation with no sub-contractors.  Other O2 companies require you to hire electricians, carpenters, and HVAC.  We do it all.


We are licsensed in Colorado, and in Summit County.  We live where we work, and are available 24/7.


We are experts at HVAC and all phases of construction, and use the best medical grade oxygen concentrators and electronics.

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