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Live in the mountains, .....sleep at the beach!

Oxygenated rooms for high altitude living.  Serving Summit and Eagle Counties.

You worked hard to be here

It wasn’t easy.  You made sacrifices along the way, but you made it to your paradise in the mountains of Summit and Eagle Counties.  Now, your doctor has told you to live at a lower altitude.  O2Rooms can can change that by enriching the air you breath at night.  Even if you are just looking to increase your athletic performance or cure altitude sickness, we can help.

We oxygenate rooms in the mountains and make the air you breath equivalent to the air you breath at sea level.  At altitude you are breathing 40% less oxygen (o2), putting stress on your heart, brain and pulmonary system.  This problem is amplified during sleep.  Our system pumps pure medical grade oxygen into your room, which is then monitored by our exclusive system to maintain all gases at the correct levels and OSHA limits.  We will seal your fixtures and doors so the oxygen does not leak out, and will install heating and air-conditioning when needed.  With, temperatures rising in the mountains, sleeping in a cool bedroom during the not summer months is an added benefit.  You will breath the most filtered air on the planet!